Under New Management

Under New Management, (Toronto) Co-curated with Suzanne Carte
July 6-August 28, 2010

Artists: Ryan Watkins-Hughes, Kerri Reid, Emelie Chhangur, Eugenio Salas, Jesse Harris, Mallory Diaczun, José Ruiz, Lawrence Weiner, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Eric Glavin, Anthony Koutras, Catherine Lane, Kelly Mark, Gary MacLeod, Kim Beck, CN Tower Liquidation and more. 

A temporary exhibition space in a storefront location that employed the characteristics of the retail environment to mobilize art outside the gallery environment. This non-commercial hybrid presentation model incorporated aspects of contemporary art exhibitions into four familiar commercial templates:
•                convenience store
•                shop gone out of business
•                video store & media rental outlet
•                lab on site service
Each exhibition, in the guise of a business. appeared for a short duration (1 week to 13 days).

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Under New Management was supported by the Ontario Arts Council

Top row, left to right: Kim Beck, Lost Our Lease; Gary MacLeod, Nope; José Ruiz, Cash Sold Here; Catherine Lane, Cash register; Kerry Reid, Drips
Second row, left to right: Food can labels by Ryan Watkins-Hughes, Food can labels; Signs by Jesse Harris, signs; Kelly Mark, Exist; Image of shop exterior