I have decided to end my co-curatorial relationship with Jennifer Davis because of personal and creative differences that have arisen in the course of our work on the "How to "Make Space" exhibition.

Since I ended our relationship, the following events have occurred without my input or consent:

First, on March 12, 2017, I received a notification from Facebook that I was being removed as an admin from the "How to Make Space" project page. Jennifer Davis is now entirely in control of that page, and I no longer have any control over the content on the Facebook page.

Second, in March I looked at the project website, rearview.ca, to discover that the domain had been changed to jenniferdavis.ca. I no longer have any control over the content on the website.

In addition, many people donated to an aeromiles collection campaign that was part of our "How to "Make Space" exhibition . The campaign was administered by Jennifer Davis and was intended to fund artists' travel to Hong Kong for installation in 2016. The points were not used for this purpose, and to my knowledge they remain under Jennifer Davis’ administrative control.

In addition to point donors several in-kind supporters contributed to a donor appreciation event. 8-11 supplied event space, Reel Asian Film Festival donated wine and Double Trouble Brewery donated beer.

Finally, I named the collective “Rearview” after the physical space that inspired the project; an alleyway behind my home. I informed Jennifer that in fairness to our past partnership, I would not use the collective name again. She has thus far refused to discuss jointly unregistering the business licensed under this name.

I am making this information public in the interests of clarity and to avoid confusion. I have contacted Jennifer Davis to request that we speak about her actions, plans and intentions, and while she has acknowledged receiving my inquiries, she has declined to have a discussion with me.


This statement prepared under the advisement of Torys LLP