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Review of Tecerunquinto: Doble fondo (False Bottom) at PROYECTOSMONCLOVA, Mexico City

Exhibition texts

How To Make Space
June 25 - July 23, 2016
at The Central Oasis Gallery, Hong Kong, China

Presented by apexart (NYC) Franchise program

Stephanie Comilang
Devora Neumark in collaboration with Open Door
and Rowena Yin-Fan Chan
Tings Chak

Exploding the Container: A Spillage of Women


Contain yourself (women). If not plainly stated, this expectation is made explicit in the ways that women are judged and defined. Though this manifests differently across cultures and geography, a distinct type of derision is cast upon women who indiscreetly take-up space. Not only is the space occupied by her body contested, but also the vocalization of her opinions, assertions of intellect, demonstrations of ability, and expectations for recognition.

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Full exhibition brochure here (English and Chinese translation)

Creative Non-fiction

Ghost: How I Learned About White Feminism

Published in Dilettante Army, February 2018

A few years ago I visited “Fragrant Harbor”: a place made of mountains, sea, and skyscrapers, with a dense population of people who look similar to me, but whose language I don’t understand. Like many places, Fragrant Harbor imports labor. Inside Fragrant Harbor’s tight arrangement of domiciles, imported female racialized labor is foundational to making homes and caring for people. Women from not-too-distant places leave behind their homes and families for long stretches of time, sometimes a lifetime. Through broad geographic generalizations, “The Women” might be seen as the same as Fragrant Harborers, but their language, food, customs, dress, and appearance are set apart by those who consider themselves “native” Fragrant Harborers. The Women work inconspicuously six days a week for other families. On the seventh day they are very very conspicuous.