Rear View (Projects): The Origin

In 2012 I had just completed a one year curatorial residency at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery and was not yet employed by another organization. I was eager to begin a new project but didn't have an organization to use as a platform. Sitting in my kitchen I looked out the back door and saw the space behind my home. Using what I have at my disposal, I answered my need for a platform and created Rear View (Projects). Flipping Properties was the result. 

Flipping Properties: Jimenez Lai and Bureau Spectacular

Curated by Rearview (Projects), July 11-September 7, 2014
With window installation at Art Metropole June 4-July 12, 2014

Flipping Properties was commissioned by Rear View (Projects) (formerly a collective with architect Jennifer Davis) for a laneway in Toronto’s Little Portugal neighbourhood.  The project is a continuation of an ongoing study of super-furnitures by Jimenez Lai, an architect, and the team of Bureau Spectacular.  The installation takes the familiar house icon, the pentagon, as its formal starting point.  Lai denatures this symbol of domesticity, converting it into super-furniture which is ‘too big to be furniture and too small to be architecture.’  This intervention in Toronto’s urban fabric provokes us to reconsider the potential uses for overlooked spaces in the city and question typical modes of interaction between art, place and audiences.

During the opening event on July 11, 2014, pieces of the installation were flipped and moved into place within the laneway, creating a place for neighbours to gather and imagine an architecture that can reorient infinitely.  CBC host, Britt Wray joined Jimenez Lai in a discussion on ‘rotation’ from the varied perspectives of architecture and science.

Art Metropole window installation June 4-July 12, 2014