FAM MANDATE (Under development)

The Feminist Art Museum is committed to contemporary art and its discourses with the historic, current and developing social situation of women (woman-identified and gender non-binary people) at the fore. Feminists undertake the governance, operations, curation and directorship.

It is an intersectional, inclusionary organization. As such, within museum, gallery and art
organizational structures we will foreground the voices and contributions of individuals
with group identities that have been historically excluded, underrepresented, underserved or who have experienced inequitable access to privileges or benefits available to others.

FAM MISSION (Under development)
The Feminist Art Museum secures space for women in contemporary art.
Constituent Ally and Pavilion Members commission, present, disseminate and amplify art by women and non-binary people achieved through the strength of our distinctive network model.


Beginning with “Equal Justice” in Fall of 2017, SFAI will award up to 60 sponsored residencies to artists and professionals of all disciplines. Our initiative to sponsor residency fees is a direct response to a global rise in intolerance and division, and the increasingly critical role for institutions like SFAI to foster social equity. We believe that together we can create a more just society.

We seek to broaden the residency experience and increase collective knowledge by bringing together artists with other innovators in disciplines such as architecture, planning, policy, education, science, health, law, and activism. We strategically integrate artistic experimentation, scholarship, collaborative research, and community engagement to transcend the limits of traditional disciplines and create new forms, narratives, and approaches to address the central issues of our time.

Together, we can cultivate creative leadership and invest in community, culture, and place to re-imagine a more equitable world. Don’t miss this opportunity to come together with a dynamic, engaged cohort committed to Equal Justice.