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3rd Kamias Triennial (KT3): February 7-20, 2020
Sawsawan: Conversations in the Dirty Kitchen
Curatorial team:
Allison Collins, Patrick Cruz, Su-Ying Lee

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KT3 will include Canadian, Filipino and Mexican artists participating in exhibitions, performances, screenings and and more.

The title “Sawsawan: Conversations in the Dirty Kitchen” refers to sawsawan (dipping sauce) that Filipino cultural writer Doreen G. Fernandez considered representative of a cultural ethos of sharing labour, authorship and power. “Dirty kitchen” is the name for the outdoor kitchen where the foundational, but sometimes messy, task of cooking is done. It is an extension of the home where nourishment takes-place and friends and family gather. The title is a metaphoric underscoring of practices that resist colonialism and a stated expression of our foundational value, the domestic as an ethos and a literal and figurative space. It forefronts our intention to gather where we can engage in messy, complex and nourishing conversations generated by the many voices of our artists and audiences. We return to the ancestral kitchen, the KSP project space to consider the 3rd Triennial’s movements of reverse migration—the Global South of Mexico to the Global South of the Philippines and from North America to the “3rd world” and related concerns of contextual problems. 

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